We are seeking Australian Graduate Paramedics to live & work in the USA

I N T E R N A T I O N A L    P A R A M E D I C



Currently there is an employment opportunity crisis in both Australia & the United States of America, with both countries being on opposite sides of the crisis.    

Situation in Australia

In Australia we have an abundance of paramedic graduates due to an influx of universities offering the Bachelor of Health Science : Paramedic undergraduate degree, or equivalent.  These universities remain unregulated with no consequence for the growing rates of unemployment amongst paramedic graduates.

Currently in Queensland there are 5 universities offering a Paramedic undergraduate degree with a cohort of about 5000 students across the State.   For 2019 the Queensland Ambulance Service received approximately 1400 applications for approximately 300-500 positions available from attrition & the United Workers Union successful motion to secure an additional 200 FTE positions.  This means that 900-1100 degree qualified paramedics remain without work.


Other States & Territories in Australia have similar figures with many employing very few paramedics each year.


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